Instagram Visual Branding and Storytelling   The topic revolves around a group of friends going around the state of Louisiana to catch as many fish as they can simply because they love to fish. The purpose is to give a glimpse into the life of people who fish almost…

Digital Profile

Abu Garcia, one of the fishing world’s most renowned companies, is a constantly evolving company. Abu Garcia consistently comes up with new ideas the market has never seen before, like centrifugal pitch brake systems. With new ideas the company is always spreading the word about their products on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram….

Project 2 Photo Essay

Days on the Bayou was designed to show people throughout the country and world what living in Louisiana is like. Each picture was taken to show off the landscape and the beauty of the state. The design and use of whitespace is used to show off the beauty of the sunrise over the cypress trees,…


The Swamp Sportsman newsletter was created for hunters and fisherman to know what is going on around the state. Each picture used shows off what each article is referring to with great detail. The layout of this design help the newsletter because it flows extremely well for the reader and is easy to read.


This resume was designed to show employers my qualifications for any job that I may be able to join. The design is simple and to the point showing multiple skills, education received, and work experience. The simple line separating skills and education from work experience works well because it continues the flow of the resume.

Business Card

This business card design is simple showing multiple important items, such as, name of the person, the address, and the website to reach them. This was designed for anyone interested in myself. The design is simple allowing the reader to quickly read and scan the business card.