Instagram Visual Branding and Storytelling


The topic revolves around a group of friends going around the state of Louisiana to catch as many fish as they can simply because they love to fish. The purpose is to give a glimpse into the life of people who fish almost daily because it’s a passion. The audience is based for people from the state and those throughout because the account shows how the group is doing and what they are doing. The goals that are wanted to be reached are those of intimacy, passion, and fun. I want people to know I love waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go out and possibly not catch a fish. I want to show the anticipation and giddiness I have for the sport. Elements that should be highlighted are the content and the repetition of content is closely related showing how often I am able to go out and fish. My design communicates to people easily because it isn’t hard for people to see that I love what I do. If you have a passion for something people realize that and become excited for you and are inspired by your drive and passion.

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